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◇ ◆ Representative greeting ◆ ◇
It's a keyword you'll reach when you focus on your Yutaka life.
After identifying this keyword, if you unravel the essence of the trip,
Its role is very important and dominated,
It has high synergies and is full of ideas and possibilities.
We at Epic Japan
Creating a Yutaka trip will be a valuable experience
It will lead to your future.
To make as many lives as Yutaka lively
I believe it is the way to well-being.
Also, the chartered group to which we belong is
Ski resorts, beachfront hotels, luxury real estate development,
Furthermore, it operates a wide range of sake breweries.
We are engaged in comprehensive consulting.
Taking advantage of that, with a creative and innovative approach,
We will discover the value of a Yutaka trip.
World conditions that change daily, complicated procedures, etc.
The environment surrounding travel is often not easy, but
Don't forget the concept
I will pursue the preciousness and value of being able to travel Yutaka again.

​ CEO  Yoshihiro Watanabe
エピックジャパン 代表挨拶
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