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エピックジャパン 法人・団体のお客様へ


​◇ ◆ Corporate / Group Customers ◆ ◇ <Preparing>
​Epic Japan offers special treatment for registered companies for corporate and group customers.
There are benefits and discounts when using our group facilities.
​▼ Click the company logo below to see the details of the special offer.
◇ ◆ Various services for corporations and groups ◆ ◇
As a service for corporations and groups, we propose and specialize in custom-made plans that meet various requests such as resort meetings, MICE, employee trips, training trips, reward trips, overseas business trips, group trips, etc. We will provide high-quality services. Please contact us for more information.
1. 1. Program according to purpose / budget
2. Experience-focused ideas
3. 3. Leave it to us
Revitalization of companies / organizations
2. Actively propose hands-on programs such as large athletic meet and orienteering. Pursuing new projects by accumulating achievements and regularly exchanging opinions and information with local companies and group companies.
3. 3. Transportation / accommodation / guide / option arrangements, same-day operations, and smooth tour management are possible. Considering reducing the burden on the secretary, such as classifying rooms by job title and providing dining venues. Pre-travel briefing session held. Enhancement of insurance system. Risk hedging proposals, flexible response in case of illness / injury during travel.
1. 1. We propose the best travel destinations and plans according to the budget to promote "self-growth" and "team building". Arrangements that make use of the facilities and systems of group companies are also possible. It is possible to arrange a whole party, a small meeting that fits the purpose and number of people, and a group dinner party.
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