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◇ ◆ Display items in travel transactions ◆ ◇
1. 1. Business scope Overseas travel / domestic travel

2. 2. Registration number Tokyo Governor registered travel agency No. 3-8079

3. 3. Registration date July 11, 1987

4. Expiration date July 11, 2019-July 10, 2024

5. Company name Epic Japan Co., Ltd.

6. Sales office name Tokyo head office

7. Comprehensive Travel Business Handling Manager Tomonori Hosoda * The Comprehensive Travel Business Handling Manager is the person in charge of transactions at the sales office that handles your travel. If you have any questions about this travel contract, please do not hesitate to ask the general travel business manager listed.

8. Travel agency contract
▶ Special compensation provisions ▶ Travel conditions (order-based planned travel transaction conditions manual)
▶ Travel Agency-Arranged Travel Contracts ▶ Travel Agency-Travel Agency Contracts ▶ Travel Agency-Travel Counseling Contracts

9. Travel business handling fee list
▶ Travel business handling fee list

Ten. Correspondence of personal information protection
▶ Privacy policy

11. 11. Customer consultation desk
Epic Japan Co., Ltd. Customer Service Center Contact Information
TEL03-6821-8955 Business: Monday-Friday (excluding holidays) 10: 00-17: 00

12. Name of travel agency  All Nippon Travel Agents Association
TEL03-6821-8955 営業:月~金(祝除く)10:00~17:00

12.所属旅行業協会名   一般社団法人 全国旅行業協会
エピックジャパン 旅行取引表示項目
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