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What is Yutaka we think of?
◇ ◆ Why Epic Japan? ◆ ◇
The feeling of wanting to jump up when I met WOW,
Feelings when I got to know new things even when I got old,
The feeling of the moment when I achieved something with my friends,
The excitement, excitement, learning, joy and empathy experienced through the journey.
We will deliver an experience that pleases the six senses.
To create an experience with our customers that will take the first step into a world with infinite possibilities.
We will continue to challenge as a group of specialists.
​What is the affluence we think of?
What is Epic Japan?
<Our Mission>
We will shed light on valuable people, things, and things not only in Japan but all over the world, and make as many lives as possible with Yutaka lively.

<Our Vision>
Contribute to a sustainable society by increasing the number of Yutaka people.

<Our Value>
Profit in a sustainable way to people (service providers) who provide things and things that are worth the spotlight due to changes in the times and new technological innovations, as well as things that have accumulated time like traditional crafts. maximize. We will make your life Yutaka by telling you various and carefully selected things and things. Contribute to a sustainable society by increasing the number of people who share each other.

<Action Guidelines>
As our officers and employees, we will act based on the following principles in order to gain the trust of society and realize our Vision.
・ We recognize each other's unique people, things, and things, and pursue new ways to connect to the next generation.
・ We will deal with everyone in good faith and protect their dignity.
・ Each person will do their best and take responsibility for the result.
・ In carrying out our business activities, we will thoroughly comply with relevant laws and regulations and corporate ethics.
・ We will make trial and error to realize a sustainable society and work diligently to play a part in the solution.​
All Epic Japan employees
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